Welcome (back) to SpecHops.  It’s been a long road since our last post in 2012.  Building this crazy brewery has taken a lot of work, but we’re in the final stretches of actually getting open at our commercial location at 1280 Activity Drive in Vista.  We’re glad to be part of the Vista brewing community and active members of the Vista Brewer’s Guild.

Our team is now strengthened with new members from many different industries: online marketing, cooking, brewing, finance, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. These all are people who love what they do and know exactly how to become a professional.

All our team members have wide-ranging interests too. It’s hard to believe but our main investor is in love with playing crypto jackpot slots and he even won the main cryptocurrency prize a few months ago.

In the meantime, we’ll be a lot more diligent in keeping everyone informed of our progress and all the work that has been accomplished on this brewery adventure.  There are literally tens of thousands of pictures and hundreds of our own stories that we will share with everyone as we have built this beer machine in Vista.

So the plan is to start at the beginning (or as close as possible to the beginning) of this adventure and slowly recap the efforts we have taken in getting us to today.  Hopefully by the time we have covered the pertinent details, we’ll be upon our actual opening day.

Thank you, and we hope to share a beer with you very, very soon!