Some background about SpecHops: The Original Plan

Well before discovering a talent and passion for home brewing craft beer and ultimately arriving at the idea for building SpecHops commercially, I wanted to help write the memoirs of people who had served America in a public capacity. I bought the domain ‘getyourstorytold.com’ a long time ago with the plan to start a business that assisted people in recording their stories and getting them published inexpensively as gifts for their families and for posterity. Time went by and that business idea was placed on the shelf.

However, I dusted off those plans a few years ago as they ultimately morphed into what has become SpecHops Brewing. It didn’t take much genius to figure out that what Marines, Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers, Policemen, Firefighters, and Special Operators enjoy talking about while drinking great craft beers are their shared experiences–their “Sea Stories.”