SpecHops’ primary target is to make great craft brewed beers for everyone who enjoys craft beer

We’re aiming to build a robust and loyal following of craft beer drinkers from every segment of society– not just the military. We’re looking for Individuals that enjoy our brand and appreciate the beers well enough to become regular consumers and advocates for SpecHops and what it stands for.

Remain a responsible member of the worldwide veteran community

As important as brewing great craft beer with a military theme is to us, we have a secondary aim. We capture and post relevant ’Sea Stories’ of the individuals who both enjoy craft beer and who currently serve or have served this country in any public capacity. The stories of active and retired Military Service Members, Police, Firemen, Veterans, or anyone else who has known someone who lived an honorary life. Stories from every era are welcome and appreciated–those of your grandparents or friends from battles and events gone by.

The SpecHops Brand will offer nothing less than honor and respect to the U.S. Military, especially to that often unrecognized military community of “Quiet Professionals” that serve today or have served in the past.

SpecHops wants to become an important member of the San Diego brewing community and community at large

At the end of the day, we’re running a business here. We will strive to become a partner within the existing brewing community in San Diego by producing and serving consistently unique and tasty craft beers that everyone will be proud to enjoy and recommend.

This only occurs through great service to our SpecHops Team Members (our Customers) and in our service to the military population. By running a positive business we aim to become an intellectual, and social asset to the San Diego, National, and International professional Military community through charitable acts and donations of time and money to organizations with similar intent as SpecHops.