Spook is the Owner/Operator behind the SpecHops beers

‘Spook’ has followed an interesting path leading to the brewing of craft beers with a Special Operations theme.  A Craft Brewer of ‘Unconventional Brewfare’ is just one of his more recent titles, and one that he plans on continuing to earn every day from the scores of people who have enjoyed his home brewed beers.

Borne from a life in the Military

Spook’s military background is a natural fit for the brand.  The nickname ‘Spook’ is drawn from many years leading Marines in Intel aboard MEU-SOCs and while being assigned to SOCCENT during OIF.   All of it has helped to foster his deep admiration and respect of those he served with: the “Quiet Professionals.”

He brings a mix of writing, brewing science, Intel analysis, special operations, finance, and marketing with him to the brewery.  It’s taken a while to breathe life into SpecHops.  He figured now was the time to pop up on the craft brewing radar in San Diego.

Opening and operating a microbrewery is just another one of those challenging missions.  The combined aspects of biology, chemistry, and business added to high levels of military discipline, focus, and attention-to-detail are what draws someone into craft brewing after a military career.

Working on the SpecHops beers for a long time

The recipes for SpecHops beers are based on science and notes gathered from dozens of brewing books, websites, and from attending the UC Davis Brewer’s school in 2011. Homebrewing multiple varieties in his garage has filled in the remainder of his knowledge, combined with the opportunities to apprentice at a number of local microbreweries.

When not conducting reconnaissance at breweries and gathering HUMINT from brewers, brewery owners, and cellarmen, Spook can usually be found drawing basic ’intelligence’ from tasty pints enjoyed from across the world.  So, mix in to all of that a certain level of Marine Corps/SOCOM discipline and a fanatical devotion to cleanliness and sanitization–and you have SpecHops.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and reading the Sea Stories we’ve gathered from real-life special operators, military personnel, and other honorable public servants.